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We specialize in the sealing off all staircases, vaulted ceilings, cabinets/pantries, fixtures, windows, curtains, light fixtures, artwork, vents and cold air returns, etc.

Zippit Dust Containment creates airtight plastic enclosures sealing off the renovation space to make it a stress free process for the home/business owner.

Cleanup includes damage-free breakdown of airtight enclosures, the removal of dust from inside the sealed area (which includes walls, ceilings, baseboards, countertops, etc.)

We work simultaneously with insurance companies in regards to water/fire damage in home/business.

We know that customer service is the backbone of any business. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and know that the only way to achieve this is through outstanding service. We see the value in the work and you will too!

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What Our Customers Say

"We commend you for the outstanding job you did in preparation for our floor refinishing project and the final clean-up. You performed in a most professional manner and exceeded our expectations. We especially appreciate your willingness to work with our ever-changing schedule. Please feel free to always use my name for a reference. We are among your most satisfied customers." —Randall L. | Ouray, CO

"Joe and his team were very thorough! They went above and beyond and provided us with peace of mind in this messy process. This service was definitely money well spent!" —Nancy G. | Littleton, CO

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